Electronic scrap yards Braamfontein

Electronic scrap yards Braamfontein, safe electronic disposal

Electronic scrap yards Braamfontein, safe electronic disposal.  So what does that mean?  Well simply put it means, you don’t need to hold on to that old cell phone anymore.  You don’t need to cram an old computer into a cupboard.  It even means a broken flat screen TV can go.

How?  Easy, we collect and accept electronic waste.  Otherwise known to us as e waste.  Aged electronics are a pain to hold on to.  Not only this but we never really know what to do with all of it afterward. 

So why not rely on a company that will dispose of all of this for you. 

Electronic scrap yards Braamfontein
Electronic waste  Braamfontein

Trustworthy electronic scrap yards Braamfontein

Trustworthy electronic scrap yards Braamfontein take it all.  Whether it is large company disposals or from a residential home.  It doesn’t matter we will take it off your hands.  Anything to do with electronics is our interest.  For example, unused cabling like aerials and motors from a vacuum cleaner. 

Don’t throw batteries into the bin bring them to us.  Besides all of that, parts of devices or full devices like laptops and UPS boxes.  Even more so electronics like monitors that are over the hill.  You know the ones we mean.  The big heavy PC boxes and screens from the dinosaur age. That’s the stuff we are interested in. 

E waste recycling Braamfontein

E-waste recycling in Braamfontein cares about the environment.  Like plastic, electrical goods don’t just decompose.  It is toxic to our planet.  A company like electronic scrap yards that wants to recycle electronic waste.

Up to 50 million tons of electronic junk is tossed out worldwide.  We want to stop the bad carbon footprint and be a part of the solution.

Contact electronic scrap yards Braamfontein now. We will take anything electrical that is broken.  Anything you don’t want anymore.  Because we will reuse what can be and properly destroy what can’t be.

We buy your electric metal trash.  Contact us now for more information.  Speak to a company that cares about the air we breathe.

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Electronic scrap yards Braamfontein
Electronic waste yards Braamfontein

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